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Our Hair Studio is located in the midst of San Francisco serving customers in the Greater Bay Area. Director/Senior Hair Stylist, Yasuo Kudo, started ARTY Hair Design in San Francisco with his cumulative and global professional experiences which constitute the foundation of ARTY’s vision. After Kudo graduated Yamano Beauty School in Tokyo, his success came very quickly as a Chief Hair Stylist in Harajuku, a renowned fashion quarter in Tokyo. Kudo continued his successful career in different hair studios in both New York and San Francisco prior to ARTY.

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art, quality services to our customers by staying informed with the world fashion trends and techniques

Kudo and his staff continue their diligent study on such trends by regularly attending seminars and hair trade shows, and receiving top-notch trainings from his affiliates in Japan. In order for ARTY as a whole to fulfill our mission, it is mandatory for our staff to attend ongoing in-house training sessions.

Our obsession is the most current Japanese techniques. We all hope you enjoy our high quality services which extend to Haircut, trendy Coloring, Digital Perm, Hair Extensions, Thermal Straight Perm, Spiral Perm, Twist Perm, Wire Perm, Soft Dread.. etc.

アーティーへようこそ! 当店は北カリフォルニアの中心サンフランシスコにあり、シリコンバレー、ベイエリア全域のお客様に日本の最新のスタイルをお届けしています。

Directorの工藤は、東京の山野美容専門学校を卒業後、原宿でチーフスタイリストとして活躍した後、アメリカに渡り、サンフランシスコ、ニューヨーク の数店を経て、ここサンフランシスコにお店をOPEN。アメリカにお住まいのオシャレな日本人、アメリカ人の方に日本の優れた技術をリアルタイムでお届けすることをモットーにしております。スタッフは全員日本人。日本のスタイルはアメリカ人にも評判。当店はいつも 日本人・アメリカ人のお客様でにぎわっています。



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1680 Post St 2F / +1(415)931-4405
Open 9:30am - 6:00pm
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